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Surprising Black Mail attempt

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I had heard about a trend for blackmail in SL of getting caught in compromising postitions (with ones trousers down) and then being told to pay up or else your partner gets the pictures. 

Although I got something much less exciting, living on the Fruit Islands SIM, it isn't so shocking to often see avatars of both sexes strolling around or sailing in the nude. 

I had a visitor to my little island, a rather scruffy little avatar, nude with the exception of a pair of boots! (not my cup of tea at all). However I do try not to judge (lol) they were a 4+ year account (explains the cheapy look I thought)  and showed them around my humble abode. They seemed interested in the bed and were quite suggestive. Again this seemed super strange, as it is obvious that I was partnered and there were various pics of my partner on the walls. Still real life wanted me badly and I was saved by the bell as it were, making abrupt excuses and logging. 

I did receive a message after logging calling me a '**bleep**' and on my return to the grid in IM I laughed this off. Happily I mentioned the encounter to my partner in all it's glorious detail. 

Rather sinisterly I got a IM back from my visitor. Suggesting that if I didn't give her 2000 Lindens she would share pictures of our kissing with my partner, curious as I would have needed to have kissed her for that to be a reality. So naturally I told her to go ahead, being annoyed I did pay her 2 Lindens with the message to shove them somwhere.... 

Anyway I was going to not bother with an abuse report... However the poisonous little pill did contact my partner, telling her we had been getting jiggy together. 

I'm not sure what one can learn from this. Although I after they contacted my partner the serious side did filter through to my tiny brain and I managed to file an abuse report, to hope justice of some form or another is visited upon her! 

However I can see that to someone else this wouldn't be such a funny situation. If anyone out there has anything like this then report it immediately. Tell your partner what has happened, block the blackmailer/fraudster and suggest your partner do the same. 

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Seems like an easy score, aim for the people who are flirtatious but partnered and then rely on the probability that guilt is involved.

Personally I'd worry more if any partner of mine fell for something so obvious - it's not even social engineering if they just pull your partner's name from your profile. Haha and it's barely even blackmail if they just make stuff up! These people are silly.

Trick for disabling such attempts is always to ignore them, never pay anything and mute ASAP. Remind anyone affected that throwaway people you've never heard of have zero credibility and can only gain from emotional reactions. Expose and deny the extortion attempt and this problem will go away. These scams only work for as long as people prop up the extortionists.

Can also be useful to log instant messages and chat as a precaution (remember that distributing logs within SL is not allowed). Not sure the behaviour above would be AR-worthy (though I always recommend people report it if they're in doubt), since it basically amounts to playground gossiping and a desperate hope that you're a sucker.

Well done on not being a sucker. :P

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LOL, they'd be very poor off where I live...you can actually blackmail someone for keeping his pants ON...hehe

This is SL....I cannot overstate this. The sofa in my home would need cleaning (or perhaps burning in some parts of the world) if it were in RL...that's the amount of action that thing saw, and then I'm only on about the sofa...there is the kitchen counter (cleaned every time of course), the bed, several baskets, the hottub...

Pay up? Only IF and when they show the pics hehe....

Your weapon? Honesty, kudos for you...and your partner, THAT is your strength...by the way, shame of the two Lindens you did pay...never...evvvahhh...pay anything...you have NOTHING to hide...



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