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Help! In need of advice.

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Hi Sephina,

just a few idea's :

*custom made jewelry, (favorite metal, style, engraving).

*custom made clothes, (ie: color he likes, or something that would go with his favorite sports team, business ect...).

*shoes, (color or style he likes).

*furniture, (if he has a place, find a color or theme that he would like).

*flowers and card

i'm sure that you will find something, and i'm sure he will appreciate your efforts to find something special for him.

Kindest Regards,


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Gauge your man friend's sense of humour and purchase appropriate gadget.Depending on the type of guy your guy friend is, and going on the types of guy friends I have/have had in RL and SL, I'd say flowers (men really do like flowers) with a gadget, something with buttons to press and special effects, or something that has a sensor that says funny messages (or farts and says "excuse me") when anyone walks by.

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