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Buying mainland to own! CONFUSED = /

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I just upgraded to a premium account & i wanted to buy mainland to own, NOT RENT. I am unable to participate in action to buy land from Lindens because I am less than 14 days old & i am confused about how buyng land from a resident or group works?


1) if i buy a land from group then does that mean i an only a RENTER and i pay the group weekly or monhly?

2) if i buy from group or resident It says i have to pay Lindens. After I pay the lindens to the resident or group then is the land mine only now? to own??

3) I havent used my 512 land yet so by buying land from resient or group will I be charged for the tiers too??

4) how do I know if i am buying land for rent or to own? Some residents and group afdvertise (Land for sale) but i have saw some that advertise weekly linden charges??


I am new to this and I have found a land I really like but i don't want to get in trouble and buy something without even knowing exactly what  I am buying. =)

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Hi LoveAshley89


1. If you buy land from a group, you are still the owner of the land, and if you buy more than 512 sqm, you will be charged from LL monthly.


2. When you buy land on MAINLAND not Estate-land, the land is yours and you own it. And unless you do not pay your fee to LL, no one can take it away from you.


3. The fee for 512 sqm land is included in the price for your premium membership. You can own 512 land, or you can have a Linden home, or you can own no place. The fee will be the same.


4. You can know this way: stand on the land, click on it, and a window will show "about land". The same window, where you have to click buy, if you want to purchase the parcel...In that window, you will see in the general tab, if the land is estate-land or mainland. If it is estate-land, you will only be renting from another resident, even though they call it to buy.  Only if you buy Mainland from another resident, you will pay directly to Linden Lab, and the land will be yours.


Ohh, and to make you even more confused: Some residents rent out their mainland. So...the only way to really buy a piece of mainland is, to pay through the "about land" window...Do not ever pay directly to another resident, or to a rent box. Do only buy by clicking the "purchase-button" in the "about land" window, on Mainland  :)

I hope this helped you, and wish you good luck with finding the right land...It is funny to own land, and to make your own home there :)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2326 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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