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Wilhiam Hydraconis

Please delete this thread !

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Wilhiam Hydraconis wrote:


Jaen Albatros wrote:

Thanks to Venus, I am now able to post pics of the home I share with my Master in Gor.



Jaen, if you upload pictures to use in posts you do have to keep them afterwards. All I see now in your collection of pictures when I visit your 'About' page are smilies.

So remember : don't delete pictures you uploaded which you have used in postst or they will be deleted within the posts as well.

Would like you to retry if you don't mind to have a look at this home you share.



Are you okay Wilhiam? :smileysad:


Thanks for this tip too, I'm so clueless! :smileytongue:

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excuse me but I am a kitsune too :3 I am a Kuro-no-zenko and I have my own skybox :3 if you can can you teach me a few things? I'm only a cub and my SL mother is very busy most of the time....I would be honored to meet you on SL!


<3 Kurotaki Serenity  Sakurayuki

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