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Wilhiam Hydraconis

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Marcus Hancroft wrote:

That is a magnificient home, Wil!  VERY well done!  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures saved of my place (it's still a work in progress) but I will post some once I get it complete!  Landscaping is taking me for-ev v v-err!


You're far too kind, Marcus .. actually it's quite simple and I'm convinced I could be easily outshined by others .. ;)

Took me about a day now, but I can finally say I settled again for my own enjoyment.

I wish others show me examples of theirs as well.


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Wilhiam Hydraconis wrote:

Thank you, Mags ..

I'd make a pub my home anytime too though, but I don't see you in it .. not under the table or tap already, are we ?

Shhhh - you're not supposed to tell anyone - I'm hiding by the window :smileywink:


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I love design and island living, so here is my little sim sized project. It is built on a mainland sim, on 2750 meters height and built in a giant sphere. The oceanwater is very realistic and in combination with sound emitters the whole project gives me the exact feeling I wanted. It took me about 1 day to design the project and it contains +/- 5000 prims *meows*






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That's a lovely home, Wilhiam!

I used to live in a lovely re-creation of Hikone Castle, which is a vary famous castle in Japan...



Sadly, I had to cut back on my land, and that castle is no more. I moved into a much more modest traditionally-styled Japanese home, on the beach. That projection you see sticking out toward the sea, on the plateau above the house? It's a diving platform, for diving into the sea and swimming.



I have some lovely off-sim rocks and waves as scenery.



The house is on the corner of the sim, and I also have a 'stables' left over from the castle, up that stone ramp on the plateau above the beach.



A closer view of the house. I built the house, and I also built that castle in my first picture.



The two fox statues at the left of the home have been moved behind it, where I built a small shrine to the Japanese Kami, Inari. Since my avatar is a Kitsune, Inari is a Kami that I am closely linked to. Traditionally the good Kitsune serve Inari.



A closer view of the shrine.



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Potosi Abonwood wrote:

Sigh... one of these days I'm going to make myself a nice home.  Currently I just have a Linden one as my personal home and share My Mistresses home with her.  I have to give you two thumbs up though, your home looks very nice.


Well.. any picture of any home will do. Don't wait to share it .. ;)

Thank you for your compliment on mine.

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I'd not thought of it Jugendstil. I had been working on the footing that the ground floor was principally to appear French 19th/early 20th century and the upper floor Moroccan of indeterminate vintage!

To be fair, I think SL is better lived outdoors (I love the nature sounds, trees, water/wave effects and birds) and it's the landscaping outside of the main house that is taking me so long to complete.

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Ok...my main home, no pic for this one, dont need to, its on the Second Life Destination Guide :)


One of my 3 holiday homes, the cliffhugger...

The Cliffhugger

Another one of my holiday homes, the train station next to it is mine as well...

Toll House

My largest ground based house, doubling up as a 10 room hotel in the city of New Babbage...this is the largest Mock Tudor build of its kind in SL...Brunel Hall Hotel.

Brunel Hall

...and lastly, the main TARDIS console inside Zenobia Time Station...the place thats in the destination guide...

Zenobia Console TARDIS

Brunel Hall Hotel and the train station and holiday home can be found at Academy of Industry region, part of new babbage, all 3 builds are open to the public.

The Cliff Hugger house is in Refugio sim.

Zenobia Time Station is in the destination guide, ya can view it by clicking on the link at the top of the page :)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4668 days.

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