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Rachel Darling

Roommate wanted for full-prim sim!

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Personable but frequently absent sim owner seeking roommate to share costs of full-prim sim. Easy to get along with and respectful of your privacy.

You get:

-- entire ground floor of sim + skybox space, up to 12,000 prims, including estate rights, parcel capabilities, parcel description rights, full terraforming, etc. You can use the ground floor for residental, sandbox, commercial, whatever -- I'm easy.

All I need is to maintain a 3000 prim personal skybox/worshop at 600m for my occasional visits into SL. You can do whatever you want with the rest as long as you abide by LL's TOS and are on-the-level.

Rent: $15,000L / week, paid 4 weeks at a time.

PM me here, IM me in-world, or respond to thread to meet up if you're interested in lots of prims for a great price.

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