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Looking to invest in YOU! serious offer. 35 k L$ for a business investment

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Hi there , just recenty i got back into SL . and seems to have never logged off.

I am an entrepreneur in SL , i have my shortcomings in SL , being that i'm not much of a technical person , meaning i don't know anything about building, textures, scripting. however i like to believe i am a succesfull entrepreneur.

I have 35 k at my disposal to invest in a business or a business plan.  I am offering you a great opportunity. I am not getting into specifics , we'll do that inworld. I am sure many of you have great skills , assets , a great product but you seem to struggle to pay your land tiers and you barely make a dime. I don't care what the reason was for failure or even succes i am intrested in concepts, ideas, products. Look at it as a businness loan. a failure might nto mean you have a bad product , maybe you were located in a bad are , plenty of variables. obviously i am not looking for failure , i am looking for someone who is not hoping to earn a quick buck. don't expect to see alot of return, the idea is to build a business and thus reinvest profits. As i am investing and taking a huge risk with you , you'll understand that i'l be the 'CEO' and i'll have the last word basically. I am  a lenient guy but i am not naieve. We'l be spending alot of online time together so personality definately is important to me as well, we'll figure out a way to make sure you feel safe and get properly rewarded for your work and dedication. again , not getting into specifics it depends on who i am intrested in and what the circumstances will be.

Anyone who believes he has the required assets / skills/creativity can applly for this unique chance.this will be a LONGTERM partnership , someone who has the ambition to grow in SL. this might take a long long time maybe a timespan of several years , who will tell.



send me a NC inworld , please don't chatspam my IM , If you don't hear from me it probably means i already linked up with someone or wasn't intrested. RENAME the NC like in this example ' BB invest ( your name). in title you can add something like ur productname. be sure to put the date in title as well.

write a proper resume and as much relevant information as possible.you got a concept/business plan/product. Explain thoroughly and detailed in NC. (my SL name : Bloodline Barbosa)


good luck


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be aware of the fact that the 35 k would be the 'assets ' of the company and the idea is to create a business step by step. for example you got a shop on 'plot A' it's turning a decent profit and is selfsufficient , great. now we can responsibly use some more monies from the 35k and 'boost growth' .

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hi thanks for your inquiries. I was pretty exhausted while writing the OP. i will try to be more clear and specific since the OP looks pretty chaotic. sorry about that.

-look at the 35 k as a longterm investment funds in general.

- if the content is already acknowledged in RL or/and in SL , me and the person applying for this business plan would have to come to an agreement inworld.  let's assume you own a shop that sells a certain product/service, with SL and/or RL copyrights , it is definately negotiable what the specifics would be. something like partial ownership would be possible, it's basically an issue of securing both parties intrests.

- the 35 k is meant to either launch a new product/service , restructure your business ( for eg you have a good product but the conditions you are working with are negative for growth) , even products/services that have not been a succes in the past due to certain circumstances but have good potential .

-any sort of content is admissable, mature, PG, Adult as long as it's a commercial enterprise

-in general , ownership issues are to be negotiated. this really depends on what type of product/service and any history regarding your business. If you already have a succesful business but you are basically looking for a injection of capital to boost growth because you are not generating enough to be competitive on a larger scale , i am obviously more lenient regarding ownership. It is a matter of securing the funds ( eg scamming). So it's all about protecting my funds in relationship to ownership rights and copyrights.

- i am hoping to see serious apllications. think of it like if you were in my shoes. obviously i would like to see a detailed resume and some sort of business plan ( at least the fundamentals , details can be discussed in an interview).

so if anyone is intrested IM me with a NC. look at instructions in OP

kind regards

Bloodline Barbosa




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You wouldnt want to be a benefactor for an art gallery would you. Im trying to replicate the same thing in real life. Its and art gallery for artistic folks with mental illness. Its called the art of Mental Illness in SL and RL. I have been trying to get Govt funding But takes for eever

Naa .....stupid sugestion sorry.:matte-motes-big-grin:

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3736 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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