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Rachel Darling

Unique, very affordable full sim rental opportunity...

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Need a flexible, full private island with lots of prims for a fraction of the cost of renting a full-prim sim? Ideal for shop/business owners or those needing an inexpensive personal residence/sandbox with LOTS of prims!

I am offering a long-term rental of the ground floor of my full private island (with up to 12,000 prims) for only $15,000L per week. For that price you receive estate management rights and the use of the entire island (including the "ground floor"), minus a 3000 prim skybox at 600m that I will maintain for my personal workshop/residence. The island is surrounded by water, having no adjoining land masses, and the ground level will be completely cleared for your use.

The terms are as follows:

  • 12,000 prims maximum, with reasonable script load (please, no bunny breeding farms! :smileywink: )
  • Full access including terraforming and estate management rights: you can set the parcel name/description and land management group, searchability, the maturity of the island, design/build it to suit your own purposes, and use it for either commercial, residental, RP, or workshop space. Only my 3000 prim skybox/workshop will remain private, for my personal / occasional use.
  • Land purchase price is $15,000L, plus $15,000L rental per week
  • Island rename permitted for a one-time additional $100US fee, if you require it
  • Laid-back landlord who rarely logs into SL; I am very easy to work with and not interested in invading your privacy!
  • Long-term rental preferred


  • You must remain a resident in good standing with LL, and abide by LL's TOS
  • No CDS or Redzone permitted (sorry, philosophically I am against them as they invade privacy)
  • No "selling" of parcels (you CAN rent parcels for shop space, however - as long as tenants know it's a sub-let)
  • Minimum rental period 4 weeks at a time, paid in advance
  • I must maintain access to and be able to log in directly to my skybox/workshop, and be able to bring the occasional guest to my skybox

If you're looking for a lot of prims and full estate rights for a very reasonable price, this is a great opportunity. The island is available within 24 hours (I will clear the ground floor as soon as I have a rental commitment).

If interested, please respond here or send me a private IM in-world (I receive offlines)

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