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Scarlet Quercus

Looking for a few good male avatars. Do you have what it takes?

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The Lightbridge roleplaying community is looking to fill senior male roles of Lord Mayor and members of the city council.  Real life women playing male avatars are most welcome!  Knight, professional gentry, merchant, or minor noble, all would be welcome to fill such roles.  This is a great chance to help shape a story!

"The sim is set in English-controlled France near Calais in the year 1529.  The fictional city of Pont de Lumière (Anglicized to "Lightbridge") is a secondary port to Calais, one of several garrisons providing defense to Calais.  Calais is an important nexus of trade and diplomacy at this time, having hosted the infamous Field of Cloth and Gold in 1520, strengthening ties between Henry VIII and Francis I of France, as well as another treaty between Henry VIII, and Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor in the nearby city of Gravelines.

What makes us special? We’ve done a good bit of research into English-Controlled Calais and we’ve picked a time and space that are unlike anything else in the SL rp community. RL events of the time will affect our roleplay, including the many RL feast days scattered throughout the year. And although our focus isn’t on physical combat, our combat dice bonus system is also designed to reduce the absurdities of dice play.

Sound interesting?  Visit our website, Lightbridge RP, and learn more about us!  Or visit us inworld.  We are happy to answer any questions.  IM Cristalle Karami or Tarkin Slade."

Tarkin can also be contacted via forum IM.

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