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Blade's Edge Community and Facilities Availalbe to all Members

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Blade's Edge is an adult community and as part of our community, members have access to all our facilities.  There's no charge.  No strings. 


If you and your friends need a place to get together for parties or events or meetings or any other kind of gathering, check out our sim. 


For parties:

   Beautiful club

   Party area out at our dock.

   Romantic Ballroom in the sky


For meetings, classes or other get-togethers:

   Large Discussion Hall

   Smaller place that we call The Meeting Place - seating for 20 people, a skybox for a little more privacy


For a little play:

   Fetish Hotel.  Three stories of fetish rooms, large lobby for parties.


Also offered:

   Mentoring Program for submissives, Dominants, and couples

   Authentic Collaring Ceremonies  (there is a charge for ceremonies)

   BDSM Library

   Open Forum Discussions

   sub support group that meets every Monday 6pm slt

   sub haven, a beautiful skybox availalbe to any submissives who need a place

   Fun event at our club


We do everything we can to help our members with whatever they're planning.  Again, no charge.  Just a community that wants to give back!  Come check us out!


Contact Casidei Resident INWORLD please.

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