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Tyler Wasp

When the CUSTOM PORT in the Setup TAB is unchecked it causes me to Hang.

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When the CUSTOM PORT in the Setup TAB is unchecked I see a window with Text "Post settings will take effect afteer you restart Second Life",  and a Close button. Close button is nonresponsive and causes the program to hang I open untill Task Manager and END TASK to shut it down. Upon relogging I was told that I am Logging out because i am trying to log in from another location..... 2nd attemt lets me in.... this is duplicatable. After that I changed my password. Thinking someone was hacking my stuff.... Thats not the case because I am still getting the same message after the password update and during the log in.

The reason I wanted to uncheck this Custom Port setting is because i saw the new verion available and I installed it... after installation I noticed my frame rate dropped so i was playing with the idea that the Custom Port was limiting  my SL frame rate... thats how i discovered this Hangishness

 -TyScreen Shot Tyler Wasp.jpgler

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