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Ati Radeon R9 290x vapor not strong enough for sl?

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i decided to upgrade my computer since sl became a bit laggy. i had the ati radeon hd 6870 for along time now.


i asked in a pc forum and the guys recommended me to get the card Ati Radeon R9 290x Vapor.

and upgrade to 8 core cpu. which i did. i m using 12 gb ram. win 8.1 enterprise 64x


but somehow sl runs quite slow. it seems to lag still and i cant explain why.

here is the picture how i have the settings. 



do you believe the card is strong enough to run it?

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that card should have no trouble with SL at all, but it looks like Firestorm is not recognizing it for what it is. i don't know if their GPU table includes support for that card, but make sure it has the right driver. for success with SL, Catalyst 14.9 will give much better results than the 14.12.

also see how it works with the official viewer, which does not use the old GPU table any more. Firestorm will probably get rid of that with its next update too.


OH! i see you have hardware skinning disabled, that may be why you are having performance trouble. if you can go to the 14.9 driver, that will allow you to enable hardware skinning and see mesh avatars.

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Rig Specs:

Win 7 64bit, i7 2.93Ghz, GPU - Asus R9 290x OC, Kingston 16gig ram (low latency), Gigabyte mobo, PSU - Corsair 1,000W, Single 1Tb HDD.

You've certainly got enough grunt to run SL. I run it with ALL eye candy and can do so comfortably with 2 active viewers. Three (3) open viewers and it gets a bit slow.

I'm not sure if FireStorm have addressed this issue yet, however there is major bug in the lastest batch of AMD drivers, which is effecting the way you see (errr more to the point), don't see mesh.

Direct from Firestorm:


Some suggested work arounds:


I returned to using the 14.4 drivers. Albeit not ideal because the latest Omega Drivers are far more optimized. But I'm in-world a lot so the trade-off, least for me, is worth it :)

Footnote - Always been a Nvidia fan and never had any issues with them in SL or gaming for that matter. When I couldn't get a high end Nvidia card back in early 2010 I grabbed new 5970 OC. That worked well. However this R9 290x runs some games well but causes all manner of drama is others. Wolfenstein the new order - had tro revert to 14.x drivers, otherwise it kept randomly crashing. Anyway, I'm going back to Nvidia and grabbing a 780Ti in a few weeks. My i7 laptop has Nvidia and it runs SL really sweet ;)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2255 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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