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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis

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So many great photos. Let me take these in reverse order, FIFO:

@Val, very nice library. Be careful with the candles. Old books and open flames can ignite quite a conflagration. May I suggest a Kindle? 

@Caitlin, just like a woman, always looking for a fight. It looks like someone nicked you on the cheek. Better wear the mask or next time we may see you sporting a pirate look complete with an eye patch. 

@Willow, so sexy. There's a lot guys that would like to take something for a ride in that photo. 

@Leith, very suave and debonair. What club? You might have a few more groupies after posting a photo like that.

@Parhelion, you're being  modest. That's a well put together outfit. The other hippies are mad with jealousy. BTW, no need for anti-vanity stuff. You hippies protest too much. If you saw a thread about awesome builds, would it make you want to post an anti-awesome build photo? Avatars are like buildings, just highly mobile.


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Welcome to the forums RP. We've got nothing but mad love for you. After seeing your TV, I had to get one of mine own. Do you think it's big enough? That's me sitting on a sofa watching Treet TV. I've got it set up so that I push a button and the TV rezzes. I push another button and a hot tub rezzes in the space in front of the TV. Another button rezzes a swimming pool in front of the building. SL is sooooo cool. Day time and dream time are merging into a stunning new universe. 




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@Wicked .... yeah I love these cute Italian cars ... and the blue is so cool :matte-motes-big-grin: *meows*

@Valerie .... lovely pic .... un bisou pour toi, mais non je te donne deux :matte-motes-kiss: *meows*

@Sylvia .... woot you got one toooo .... love the yellow version!!! :smileywink: *meows*

@Dres .... get a fiat too Dres!!!! :smileyvery-happy: *meows*

@Venus .... no matter where you take your pics ... you always shine on every pic :matte-motes-inlove: *meows*

PS. /me goes to the bank -> to buy shares from HaruMotors!!!


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