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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis

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Ayo, its ya girl, mag, back at it again with the weeb treads.

Head and body: Uti m4 head, kemono + fitted torso (petite) 

Hair: Ayashi Uma

Outfit: Vinyl Neo meddy mask, Glutz Punk ***** fishnet arms, GLutz pins and needles legs, Glutz wrapped up (legs delinked), LMF Kemono Shoulderless crop top (petite), starbright Kemono pencil skirt, Wretch kemono panties, RB Kemono scarf, Kakarenbo Ninja Headband V2, Glutz domme belt, JSH vexx ring set


Skin: HIME*DREAM Nagisa 

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Ice Cream: Lelutka, Delights Cream
Head: Lelutka, Simone Bento mesh
Applier: Sessions Annika Tone 01
Applier: Izzie's Sunburn (face)
Body: Maitreya, Lara
Shirt: Blueberry, Fye, Ruched Metallics
Hair: Truth, Fiji Blonde (VIP Gift)
Piggies: Half Deer
Ice Cream Maker: Second Spaces
Cash Register: RH
Trees: DaD Design 
Cups: Half Deer
Ice Cream Cones: 8F8


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Coffeebreak of a Huntress in Summer

Taking a break from hunting and shopping in a nice italian café in SL, featuring 1313Mockingbird Lane, WomenOnlyHunt, Pixelfashion and Cazimi

more details at:


or flickr:


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