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Trying to assemble a kind of Mexican looks here. Head: Vista Animations "Lia" bento head Body: Maitreya Skin: YS&YS (on the head and body) Hair: eXxEsS - "Asha A" Eyes: Vista head eyes, with

Skin ~ Plastik  Outfit ~ Entice Mood ~ Tori Amos    

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UncommonTruth wrote:

Welcome back to the thread Saraya! Love this pic, are you still using the mesh body?

@ Raven~ That is a freaky zombie o_o

@ Neal~ This first of the two little boy pics is so sweet! He looks like one of the little rascals

@ Umaeril~ Welcome to the thread! Great ava

Hey, thanks :)  Yeah I am still using Wowmeh for now :)

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Wow that's some awesome hair! And I freaking LOVE the headpiece, can I ask where it's from? :) eta-if the pic is too big, it won't let you upload it at all. So as long as you can upload you're fine sizewise ^_^


@Saraya~ I keep going back to check for the Wowmeh to be rereleased, so far no luck :\ One of my friends and I tried a mesh body from The Shops, meshworks I think it's called, but it's so beautiful! I fell in love with it. Unfortunately there's no clothes, no appliers, nothing. So unless I can live with being a nudist it's a no go :matte-motes-frown:

Here's my latest of me, and my most recent shot of my baby. I can be vain for him too :D 




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Sad to say Baby gave up on WowMeh, so no more of it :(  Whoever has it, has it.  Sadly others are out of luck :(  The DMCA and all the crap that went with it was apparently too much for her.


Now if Slink upgrades their body to give the butt a lot better curve I might try it, but from the Demo of that I hated it, I like my curves and the Slink body doesn't do it for me.

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@ Saraya - thank you for the welcome ^_^


 @ UncommonTruth - The headband, if you just put "LouLou headband" into the MP search you will find it. I love it, it's pretty snazzy, lol, thank you! Also, your avatar and photography are really impressive.


 @ nahladahl - Stunning! Quite distinctive. 

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Thansk Kylan.  Defanately brings up fun discussions of growing up and the AOs hare funny.

Wow holy picture post batman.    I dont look for a few days and everyone is sharing.  cool.

Great shots from 

Kylan, Saraya, Raven, Nahladahl, and Umaeril.

Raven I think you may need some conditioner in that hair :).  

Cool to see some activity in here :).  Even cross post from Flicr are awesome becasue so easy to miss there.

passes out batteries for cameras to everyone :)


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