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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis

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NealCrz wrote:

Keeping it rolling.  Really into photography lately.
  lets post it peeps

Nice one, Neal.  I haven't been taking many pics lately, but here's a close up I took a while back, which I posted on my feed (link)...


It was a spur of the moment capture and not manipulated in any way, except a bit of cropping and size reduction.

...Dres *swears he wasn't trying to look like John Travolta* (Damn that Sylvia!)

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Dresden Ceriano wrote:

valerie Inshan wrote:

Thank you Kylan and Raven! :heart: Now you know what kept me away from this forum for so long...

Good to see you , Val. *waves*

...Dres *can't think of a better diversion*

Thank you Dres, so very kind of you! *waves back and smiles* :)

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I blew my own mind with windlight settings earlier today..
Did not edit at all, as you can tell by the hair and pauldrons cutting through her arm. I very much plan on manipulating this image, I love the light. I just wish you could see more of the outfit from this angle, I feel like I'm promoting slink a bit too much here xD



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I'm sorry. Don't want to mess up a continuously great thread. But I just got back to SL after a lengthy absence and am trying to get up to speed on mesh. I fell in love with a hybrid avie, shown on me below, which has a mesh head and regular body so I get the high quality face but can wear any clothing I already have plus anything I buy.

But as you can see, there is a really serious problem with the lighting on the textures. Now my face appears to have a really strong facelight applied, but the body is completely left out, and it never looks even passable except during broad daylight.

It's no modify btw, and even when I go in to one of the few areas I can and try to mess with full bright settings on the body textures, all I can do in uncheck that and then the body gets even darker. Which means yes. In these pics, the body is using full bright textures. People at the SLMarketplace in the comments confirmed this is not just my copy, and one person mentioned messing with the lighting to fix it (which I don't know how to do). Can anyone give me any advice as to what causes this and/or how I can lessen this effect?





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