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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis

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Venus Petrov wrote:

Welcome to the forum, Fayt! That's an awesome avatar! Great look you have created. Thank you for posting!

He does have a great look. He should hook up with Wildcat and do a photo session with her and her super cool vehicles and fighter planes. :womanhappy:

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@Val:  Welcome back, lovely woman!!  Great to see you posting again! 

@Ceka:  I love your photos!

@Jojo:  Keep posting!  Wonderful scenes and you are lovely.

My computer was busted for over one week so I was not able to post any photos so here is me today.

venus vanity37_002.jpg

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Great pics, everyone! I've been slacking but  hopefully will come up with something to post soon. :smileyvery-happy:

@Venus: Love your pic as always, and I want to steal that outfit...what a great color! (I love green!)

@Valerie: Welcome back!! /me hugs you

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you would think the men would be all over that RP as good as that show is..

i love that series..we have both seasons on dvd..

My fiance watches it all the time as do i..he hates when i get all emotional about it..like when gannicus left..

i haven't cried so much as i have from this series..

Gannicus and Meita

Crixus  and Naevia

Spartacus and Mira

Gannicus and Crixus(Daydreams) are my two favorites Gannicus mostly hehehe but then omg there is Crixus..i'm torn!!!

There is so much RP there ..i would think men would be dying to play gladiators..

maybe it just hasn't caught on yet..

i may have to look into it as well..it's been so long since i have rp'd..i think i could really become immerssed in it..god knows i do enough day dreaming about it hehehe


Gannicus come home =(

sorry for being so off topic...i get overcome with the show hehehe


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