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Trying to assemble a kind of Mexican looks here. Head: Vista Animations "Lia" bento head Body: Maitreya Skin: YS&YS (on the head and body) Hair: eXxEsS - "Asha A" Eyes: Vista head eyes, with

Skin ~ Plastik  Outfit ~ Entice Mood ~ Tori Amos    

Feeling angelic... 

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Dresden Ceriano wrote:

Been a while since I ventured into this neck of the woods... so many wonderful pics.

I was playing around with a Photoshop tutorial about adding tears and created this...


I don't think it's so bad for a first try.


Wish I had the skills to do something like this, really great pic Dres :)

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UncommonTruth closes in for a hug as she digs around in her shirt for a rumpled tissue, offering it to Dres and sheepishly telling him....    I'm gonna need that back when you're done so I'm not lopsided :smileyembarrassed: 

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Dres, you must post the link to that tears PS tutorial. I know I can search for it myself, but it's a lot of PS tutorials, and it would be nice to try one that's already tested. :)


Last skin I bought, the current Collabor 88 offer from Glam affair. I like that this skin has a hint of cheekbones. Hand appliers for Slink mesh hands bought separate, and cleavage bought separate. The skin included lots of eyebrow colors though... think it was 4. The shape is from 2007, no need to buy new shapes... A Lemon shape, the store is long gone I bet. I can't find the creator. I edited it a bit, but the face is much the same.

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Thanks for the tutorial link - with any luck I'll be able to do a similar thing with Gimp.

Another retro look today, and I finally succumbed to using a Lomo effect on a picture. It felt right for the look, like an old, faded magazine image.

kelli-lomo3 sml.png

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I'm very late in this but here's the outfit I put together to go to the World Goth Fair. (Went there on the seoncd day with the girls and we camped out at a bunch of shops!)


I made everything except the hair and necklace. I should point uot, not only am I terrible at taking prictures in SL, I also CANNOT build shoes. Like, at all. T_T


I also take forever to get ready. xD


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Ok, so I am feeling a bit vain tonight ;)  Here is a favorite roleplay picture of myself that I think came out quite well, and so does my partner Neal, but then again he may be a bit biased  :heart:

I call it, waiting for him.. :)




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