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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis

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valerie Inshan wrote:

Raven1 Short wrote:

The Cold Logic Calendar girls!


(Picture taken by Kylan)



CUTIES!!! :smileyhappy::heart:

We all got the same dress in different colors (months)

We covered March (Sara) April (ME) May (Kylan) June (Angel)

It was fun!

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Wowowowowow!!! Long time I didn't peak into this thread! Wonderful shots everyone! Sara, Marianne, Burc, Neal and all, you all look fantastic! (Neal, I'm loving your dark and mysterious new look, it's awesome). Sara, you just look like a dream here, lovely, lovely, lovely!. :heart:
I refrained from taking pics of myself recently and started exploring around again. I had not done this for a quite some time. So, if you're looking for me in this picture, I am the tiny little thing beside the great pine on the right! :D Hush, Didn't want to scare the deers... :smileywink:



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I must warn you that my photogrophy skills are almost non-existent. xD

I went to the featured Rust area today. It really was breath-taking. My doll-like self was drawn to the infinite ocean wondering if I would ever get off the rusting clockwork island...



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