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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis

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This is a really interesing picture, Dana. These shadows are awesome!

/me wonders if shadows can be activated in Phoenix and rushes to launch my viewer to check it out!

btw, Dana, I never can get enough of your badge! Its so cool!

Here I am waiting for morning coffee (and thinking about shadows!)


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Wow more lovely (and handsome, Ian!) photos!  Sorry about your auto, Wildcat!  *meows*

Sylvia, I shall have to visit that ballroom sometime!

Dana, you're beautiful with or without shadows.

Val: lovely even when in thought :)


Here I am at Inspire Space.  Normally one would set environment to midnight but that's not conducive to simple photography.

venus vanity30_003.jpg

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I love coming to this thread and finding new photos have been posted! Valerie, you look gorgeous even before having coffee...how do you do it?

Venus, I love this photo of you relaxing at Inspire Space! It's great fun floating around in the air there, isn't it? :smileyhappy:  (BTW, I keep looking at your hairdo in this one...it's perfect!)

To carry on the space theme, here's a pic I grabbed last night as something was about to blow up behind Tem and me at Deshima. Luckily we did not run into any further danger, though I'm sure my bodyguard would have protected me!

Tem and Sylvia at Deshima 2 5_28_11.png

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Thank you both for the kind words :smileyhappy: I was just walking through and I discovered that the tree shadows there by the lounge chair had kind of a cool effect. I wasted a lot of SLfilm there before I realized I didn't have the draw distance turned up *facepalm*.

I haven't been keeping up with this thread and I have a lot of catching up to do, but so far I'm seeing tons of pics that the only way I can describe them is "Wow! ..just wow!!!" The skills, creative talents, and sheer gorgeousness on display are simply amazing.

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Wildcat Furse wrote:

no worries Venus!!!! the CLF (Cat Liberation Front) is a very peaceful organization.....:matte-motes-evil-grin: *meows*

Mmmhmm! And since when have the words "Liberation" and "Front" ever led to quiet walks on the beach, blowing bubbles and flying kites?

Nope. They're usually responsible for soundbites ending in stuff like "You want some MOAR?!?! HUH?!?"


We're onto ya :smileyvery-happy:

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Lovely photo, Valerie! The new hair suits you perfectly, and I love the contrast between you and the blue/green background colors.

I'm going to have to sneak a look around your sim sometime, but I will remember to bring a bribe for the parrot! :smileyvery-happy:

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