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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis

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NealCrz wrote:

valerie Inshan wrote:

If you feel inclidned so, breakasft at 8:00 AM SLt tomorrow... Love ya all.:smileyhappy:


Thanks Valerie for having everyone over this morning.  Your chef is a great cook!  

I was my pleasure and honor to meet you inworld Neal, and to have such good friends around me for a lovely moment!

After the crowd left, I hang out there for a while enjoying the autumn colors and my new messy updo. :smileyhappy:


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Luc Starsider wrote:

It sounds like the breakfast was a success? The place looks great! I take it nobody tried to eat the goats or any of the other farmanimals?

Lol, Luc, no animals were harmed in the making of this breakfast, but now I have a depressive horse. Maddy drank all the water from his bucket thinking it was her bath. :D

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I know this is not the forum to post this but since I met most of you here, just want to let you know I am leaving SL for a while, not sure how long but I just need to be away from here. I will miss the friends I made on here and some of you became friends inworld as well. Take care  all.



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Sara, I am so sorry and sad to hear that. From your silence in this thread for the past days, I did suspect something was wrong. I will miss you hun. Take very good care and be gentle to yourself. Having a break is often the key to recover from whatever hurted you in SL. Take your time and please do come back when you feel this is the right time. Your true friends will be here for you whenever you return. Hugs you tight, dear Sara. Your friend Val. :heart:

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I was away on holidays getting some much needed sunshine and rest then dealing with other stuff when I came back so only catching up with this thread now

Wicked: Great photos and gorgeous dresses and gown

Nim: Your Lady Marmalade by Patty LaBelle photo is just fabulous, such a cheeky pose! ...and the photo with the Loose Women poster in the background is wonderful!

Saraya: Love the gingerbread men. Reminds me of gingerbread men we used to hang off our Christmas tree as decorations when I was young. Eventually one year they fell apart lol but did look cute when on the tree.

Uncommon: Gorgeous photos, beautifully taken

val: You look so sad in that photo when your love was in hospital. Hope all well now!

I really must see your sim, the farmyard looks brilliant. Sorry I missed the breakfast but didn't know about it.

Your last two photos are stunning, you look more beautiful every time you post.

Venus: Gorgeous bikini shots in the Wilderness but wonders is it safe to go wandering around the jungle in just a bikini! I love it there too, it's so relaxing and theraputic, my favourite is paddling along the river in a canoe. I've met the occasional Linden fishing or walking the paths and had a chat.

Saraya: So sad to see you leaving SL for a while. I hardly know you apart from this thread but you are a lovely person and I wish the very best and hope to see you again very soon. Hugs!
Same goes for you Neal. Wishing you the very best. Hugs!

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Nyll, you look wonderful in these pictures. These Gizza outfit and bikini look like they were custom made for you. And the color of the sea you are standing by make me want to buy a ticket for the Seychelles right away! :D

No tropics for me lately. I wandered a little at the mysterious Svarga, then came home and installed a lovely planter shelf. I'm loving the autumn colors of the flowers. 



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Seychelles sounds good to me, get two tickets please!

Gorgeous photo at Svarga and I love the dress! Wow, Svarga brings back memories. It was around before I joined in 2006 and good to see it's still there. It was touch and go for a while whether it would stay a couple of years ago. It's a beautiful sim and I go there at times too.

You obviously have green fingers to get all those flowers to grow so well! Really brightens up the scene. Lovely photo val :)

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