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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis

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NealCrz wrote:

Neal in a few shots in what I thought was fun approach to modernizing a vintage tuxedo.


Fairgrounds inspection

horse jumping ring.jpg


The beauty of my horse Luna.  

Horse Jumping.jpg


Dashing off to pick up my friend

Horse Carriage.jpg

Wow, very dashing Neal, looks like you are on your way to pick up a Princess in that outfit  :)


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Nyll Bergbahn wrote:

valerie Inshan wrote:

She did slip into an Oscar's
thread! And she was as stunning as ever! :smileyhappy:


We will have to set up another one next year, counting on you Nyll! :smileywink:


LOL ... :smileyvery-happy:

Sounds like a fun thread! Yes, count me in!

I had  so much fun with that Oscar thread, every day a chance to wear something new..lol  :)


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Saraya Starr wrote:

You know with all the talk of Barbie lately  (no need to mention that wuss Ken
)  I felt like playing dressup..and here I am..

Yes people I am bored..so bear with me





Sara - Thats a lovely blue and the dress has some cool designs in it.

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Venus Petrov wrote:

Thanks for your kind comments.  Yes, Neal, the frame is from Glitterati and called In the Picture.  You can change the color of the frame, too.

Here are a couple from this morning.

solelua 18 Aug 2012_001 jpeg.jpg


solelua 18 Aug 2012_004 jpeg.jpg

Nicely done and a gerat look.  I love how the water looks in the 2nd one and she looks right at home.


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