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Trying to assemble a kind of Mexican looks here. Head: Vista Animations "Lia" bento head Body: Maitreya Skin: YS&YS (on the head and body) Hair: eXxEsS - "Asha A" Eyes: Vista head eyes, with

Skin ~ Plastik  Outfit ~ Entice Mood ~ Tori Amos    

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valerie Inshan wrote:

Well honestly, Domitan, even though I have the latest quadricore iMac, I had completely lost hope to be able to run shadows and DOF until this morning update! I didn't even have to reduce my draw distance to enable them and the big bonus is: this does not seem to significantly reduce the speed either. I only had 10 minutes earlier today before going to work and I can't wait to come home this evening to start playing with that! :smileyhappy:

I've found a similar thing. A lot of the graphics tweaks on Firestorm don't seem to adversely affect framerates... *until* I go somewhere busy. Shadows and DoF on one av doesn't seem so bad, but on several it can really make a difference.

Oh, and if you want fps to really slow to a crawl, try putting the shadow detail up from minimum. I did it and suddenly I was in single digits.

eta: not on a Mac, I use a 3.3 quad AMD with 550Ti graphics. That card was the best upgrade I ever bought :)

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Everyone looks great!!!!  In honor of Storm's return to this epic thread, I will post a few from Ambrosia today.  I took the purple haze ones (thanks Storm) and Caity took the real colors one (Thanks Caity)

This one almost looks 3D.  Yes, I am reaching out to grab you.


Domitan correctly pegged this one.  I, too, thought it looked like I was playing air guitar and I was giggling as I downloaded it.  Storm's Purple Haze comment finished it.


Caity can do much better graphics settings that I can.  Always nice to see how I look to others.


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WB, Storm...don't think I've seen your av as a human before, very nice!

Kelli, Love that windlight

Colleen, Very cool look!

Venus, love the water reflection...is that done with the technique that Marianne always talks about?  Have been meaning to try that...

Sara, love the fountains...nice work :)

Cinn, nice pics, looks like you had a lot of fun

Pussycat, WOW!!!  Love everything about this pic!

On a side note, seems Randall is missing lately from the thread...hope all is well.


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