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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis

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valerie Inshan wrote:

Raven1 Short wrote:

Had a night of gender switching for an event.  I'm the tall dark one on the left and Joey is the little redhead


WTF!!!????? OMG, this alt is damn too hot, Raven! Don't you come and see me inworld like that, I would definately get confused!


I did make a pretty good hunk :P

I think Joey was being me :D

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I'll post it this evening after I get back inworld lol. The sim was named.. something something Flamingo.. I only remember that cause one of the girls that ended up sitting down to enjoy the view with me talked about there not really being flamingos there, and feeling cheated :smileylol:

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valerie Inshan wrote:

Lovely photos Uncommon! The colors are so rich and you look just ravishing!

I was so glad Raven came for a chat on my porch last night. Even my dogs fell in love for her! :smileyhappy:



It was so nice to see you :)

Your place is lovey and the dogs are so cute 

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Wow, I hadn't realized how long it has been since I browsed this thread.  I must say I am always blown away by the amazing shots everyone posts!  So many posts it would take me days to compliment you all individually.. so I will just say to ALL.. simply beautiful shots.. I need to visit more regularly but RL have been keeping me away... adding one pic for now, will try to get back with more.  This is an outfit I came across and could NOT resist.. I love being a fairy and this worked well at my job ;)



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