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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis

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Saraya Starr wrote:

emmettcullen93 wrote:

sadly that isnt a secondlife photo but i will try to make one like that one day. just a goal i may never r

I have seen you post in a couple threads Emmett, so why not post a pic of yourself here?

Join in the Vanity :smileyvery-happy:

ha i will when the computer desides to work. lol :)

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Thank you for the link, wow I wish I'd found it before it was too late to fall in love with it lol. That is super simple to use, and I guess I'll play around with it till it closes :smileysad: Heres the shot I toyed with, I wish I'd have thought to keep the original too lol. Snapshot_023.png

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I think Picnik is mentioned before in this thread, but it's so long! :D

I used the free version about a year and then the advanced version that I paid about 20 USD a year for. But even the free basic version had much neat stuff to use. Like Effects>Orton-ish and then drag the sliders until the picture is as you like. I use to fade this effect 50-90%. It has Dodge and Burn under Advanced, and Clone too. Almost all the stuff you can need.

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It is a great sim :smileyhappy: They just recently changed the whole look of the place, that picture was exploring the new one. Aaaannd, I'll edit in the name of it once I'm back inworld and can see it lol.

eta~ I forgot all about checking for the name :smileysurprised: I'll edit this again in a few lol, to add that in.. and here it is, its called The Dark Side by Anley Piers http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MetaLES/66/60/30

I spent the day cleaning my inventory, and working on filling my new place :matte-motes-smitten: Snapshot_029.pngSnapshot_030.png

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Thank you Valerie :smileyhappy: I think so too, I'm proud of how its turning out lol. I loooove your land! It looks like a place you can go and unwind, forgetting the rest of the world.


@Tay~ Lovely photo, gorgeous ava!


@Randall~ The dining table serves a variety of everything from drinks to dessert, and has another chair I haven't put out (until I know I've got the prims to spare for it lol)  I'll be able to have an intimate dinner party.. That's the kind of animations you meant, right? :matte-motes-wink-tongue:

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bad kitty_001.png

Haven't visited this page lately.. RL has been super busy.  I am always amazed at the pictures posted every time I find my way back here...just throwing this pic in for fun.. my bad schoolgirl kitty (yes I saw the bad girls thread too .. wooot).

@ Marianne - wow, your work is so beautiful.  I wish I could be so creative and imaginative!

@ Val.. gorgeous as always in every shot you post. (I missed your Oscar thread for posting but loved all that did).

@ Raven.. congrats on your new partnership :)

@ everyone ... soooo many of you have posted I would go on for hours commenting.. I love every post!!



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