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Paid for Featured Item and it's NOT FEATURED!!!

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How do you know it's not featured?

(An invalid answer to this is "I haven't seen my featured advert")

Let me give some clues:-


  • How many OTHER people have features items at the same time as you?
  • How often have you refreshed your browser? (Now think about the above question)

But the simplest way to answer this is to look at the feature items listing stats and post them here.  If the number of times that it has appeared is greater than zero, then you got what you paid for.  LL make no guarantee as to how often an advert appears.


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Here are the results:


2015 Kittycat Tiger Hideaway With Mouse and Ball Feature this item on the home page (L$899 every 7 days)

Impressions        0 / 2209 / 3533

Click Thrus         0 / 0 / 8

The thing is, this was listed under "Animals."  If you go under Animals category in the Marketplace, there are the same old old old featured items that are duplicated over and over and over.  You'd think they'd be dying for a new item to be featured.  But I didn't see mine there.... ever..  And I would think it would be pretty evident seeing as they've been showing the same items for the last year.  lolol  I'm just disappointed, that's all.  What does "Impressions" mean?  I have no clue.  But I won't do that again.  It's cancelled....

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Impressions mean the number of times it was displayed for a person to see it in a  day/ week/ month

So as of that report, 0 today, 2209 people had the ad displayed in their viewer in a weeks period, while 3533 people had it displayed in their viewer in a months period. 

8 people in a months period clicked the ad to see the listing.

If the ad has not run for a full month the monthly figure would be from the 1 day to the date of the report.

Note that there isn't enough ad space for all ads to be seen at once, LL rotates them.  What you see is not the same as what someone else may.  You may never see your own ad.  But if you continually refresh your screen you might.


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