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Ace Direwytch

Looking for immersive, para rp sim (no meters) Mature to Adult

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I've been stuck wandering around for some time after quite a few sims I frequented had up and closed. I'm looking for an immersive sim to rp in that allows creativity without the stress of meters. I generally don't mind the theme, scifi, medieval, fantasy, you name it and I generally enjoy it. I've had no luck in finding a place that I could call home so if you know of a place or even have that place please don't hesitate to contact me either here or in world. My fiance and I would greatly apreciate it. :)

No go's for me:

Gor sims (just not my thing)

Starwars sims (Love the books and movies, terrible experience with the rp)

Meter reliant sims of any kind


Interested in:

Dungeons and dragons

Scifi (bladerunner, shadowrun, etc)


Modern Fantasy


Vampire the Masquerade 


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If Scifi with Bladerunner elements is of interest, then I suggest; Jade Steele's Midian City 

Jade Steele's Original Dark RP Community  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midian%20City/83/89/559

There are two Midian Cities, and both have an interesting spin on the subject matter and are run by good folks, I just happen to RP in this one ;-P


Sleeping Beauty_024.jpg



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