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Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

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DQ Darwin wrote:

That is what it's all about Hippie.

No you didn't step on my toe, Val played that because it always brings on the tears, But
"I regret nothing"


Oh good!  I have 2 left feet ya know!  LOL!  Oh no!  Hippie offers up his clean hanky!


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valerie Inshan wrote:

Morning hugs Hippie! Here's your French breakfast!



Good morning Val!  OOO and ahh Valerie!  Thank you!  I am famished!  Hippie digs in to the good breakfast his friend Valerie has brought!  Nom Nom!  Yum!


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Keli Kyrie wrote:

This is a great Camp Fire Hippie but there still seems to be a lot of room. Where are all our other friends?



Yes Keli!  Some seems to have wandered off in the woods!  Hippie walks to the edge of the woods and calls out!  "Hey everyone!  Come back to the fire!"


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@Val Good Morning (here that is). Yes always a lunch:)

Hey I'll give you a call I can have lunch and you can have supper.lol.

You notice my driver was not in the picture, it's so difficult finding good help but we manage:smileytongue:

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