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Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

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It’s final, they are mine! 

Okay, I abadoned my Lindenhome now, and opend up a ticket for the abandond land I want to own. Here's fingers crossed I did everything right. Can't wait! Woho! 

Rhonda's thoughtful thought of the day: If you love someone, set them free.  You will know your love is true if they don't press charges.

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20 minutes ago, Clover Jinx said:

Four years ago today I brought this little guy home and snapped this pic.

Those are two adorable dogs!  What is the breed  of the lighter one (looks like German Shepard ears)

Happy Wednesday!  Getting ready for our 5th blizzard of the snow season, got me listening to "Stormy" on Pandora by The Classics IV


You were the sunshine, baby, whenever you smiled
But I call you Stormy today
All of a sudden that ole rain's fallin' down
And my world is cloudy and gray
You've gone away
Oh Stormy, oh Stormy
Bring back that sunny day

Yesterday's love was like a warm summer breeze
But, like the weather ya changed
Now things are dreary, baby
And it's windy and cold
And I stand alone in the rain
Callin' your name
Oh Stormy, oh Stormy
Bring back that sunny day

Oh Stormy, oh Stormy
Bring back that sunny day

Bring back that sunny day

Oh Stormy,
Oh Stormy


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3 minutes ago, Ivanova Shostakovich said:

   That dog doesn't understand the science behind how his brain automatically turns right side up the sound that goes into his brain upside down. He doesn't care either, because it's Wednesday.

I'm still trying to figure out why the shrunk the tv.

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I could sure use a comfy fire today.  I woke to an outside temp of negative 8 fahrenheit (that's -22 celsius).  It has finally made it up to zero, but my furnace is still fighting to get the house warmed to normal temperature.  We have it set to go down to 63 at night and it has been running non-stop since wake-up at 5:00 (it is now 10:00 am) and it has only managed to get it warmed up to 70.

While it isn't nearly as cold around here as the hit the midwest took, it is quite a bit colder than we have yet encountered this season.

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Hey there - just wanted to give y'all a head's up that an "Alt Party" is being planned at the Forum Cartel Hangout.  Here's the blurb from Ghosty Kips:

  • I am in the planning stages for a Cartel alt party! What's an alt party, you ask? A party for our alts! Guessing who is who is only half the fun - but there's some planning that goes into making a successful alt party work. Details are forthcoming, but expect an "official" announcement in a week or so. Meanwhile, dust off your alter egos (or your alter ego's alter egos) and make them "party presentable!"
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