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Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

Hippie Bowman

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On 1/4/2019 at 6:21 PM, Madelaine McMasters said:

Remind me not to bluff you.

(One of the joys of nonsense banter is making sly references to see who catches them.)

An amazingly awesome and nice conductor (and yes I´m in there - that smaller blobb 4th left of the red blob in front of the conductor ) - THAT´s how you conduct in style folks ;)

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On 1/10/2019 at 12:14 PM, MirandaBowers said:

Good morning everyone :) while I may not do much posting myself, I love to read. This thread is my favorite for lifting my spirits when I am feeling blue some days. Thanks everyone for being so positive in here! ❤️ much appreciated!

I am so glad you enjoy this thread Miranda!



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Some sad news. Long time friend of mine and second life wife of Dom Redenblack, Valerie Inshan has passed away. The following is from Dom's Facebook.


To all of Valérie's friends, sad news.

Val had a terrible fall on the stairs a few months back, and almost died.  In her surgeries and treatments, we had hope she would recover.

Unfortunately, her pain increased terribly, and a CTI scan before Christmas showed oral cancer, advanced. We talked with the doctors about possible treatments, and her chances of survival were not great. If you feel a need to know more, please contact me in SL.

Val was due for surgery, and I have just now a letter from her mother. Val died before the surgery. She would have been on powerful pain-killers and would have passed away without suffering.

I will be keeping our home, her exquisite Spectrum, open in SL another month or two.  Spectrum is truly a joy, every single object there whispers her name.

Every single day that I spent with Val was a joy, and an adventure. She was a perfect mate for me, although we never met in RL. We had hoped to have a trip to Barcelona this spring, to enjoy the Gaudi and the cuisine.

Farewell, my love ❤️

* From her mother just now:
Je suis la maman de Valérie. Je suppose que vous êtes (Domitan).
J’ai la douleur de vous apprendre la mort de Valérie. C’est horrible !
Je parle très mal anglais. Elle n’avait pas encore commencé son traitement contre son cancer. Elle est morte d’un arrêt cardiaque probablement ou d’une embolie pulmonaire.
Elle pensait souvent à vous.

Je suis tellement malheureuse !

* Google translation:
I am the mother of Valerie. I guess you're (Domitan). 
I teach you the pain of the death of Valerie. It's horrible ! 
I speak very poor English. She had not yet started treatment against her cancer. She probably died of cardiac arrest or pulmonary embolism. 
She often thought of you. 

I am so unhappy! 



I am heartbroken. She was a classy lady and my sidekick in the early days of this thread.  R.I.P. Val.





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4 minutes ago, Hippie Bowman said:

Some sad news. Long time friend of mine and second life wife of Dom Redenblack, Valerie Inshan has passed away.

This is very sad news indeed.  Valerie was one of my first friends in SL, a friendly face in the Answers forum for many years.  She had kind words for everyone.  I have missed trading notes with her for some time and have worried that I might have missed a parting message.  Adieu, Valérie. Tu seras toujours en vie dans ma mémoire.

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