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Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

Hippie Bowman

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6 hours ago, Clover Jinx said:

*steals all the cakes*

I'm gonna call you Heartless from now on! ;_;

39 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

Happy Rez Day to me.  :) :) 

Are there any stores that still give Rez Day gifts (besides Entice, cuz I already nabbed hers)?


Happy Rez Day! :D
I didn't even know some stores do that. Oo

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24 minutes ago, Sukubia Scarmon said:

I didn't even know some stores do that.

Not very many do anymore.  Lots of stores did waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy back when.

Kastle Rock Couture is one that still does and their gift is a L$500 gift card to their store    :)

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Uh... are you saying there are people who only drink a single cup of coffee? 

Hopefully, today is not like yesterday - I mean, I got one shutter left, but I kinda don't plan on touching that for a looong time now.


Have a good time today mah peoples, eat some cake and be well! 

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4 minutes ago, Rolig Loon said:

That's too much work, especially if you have to wash all those cups. Just get one really big cup and keep it full.

On a typical work day, my husband puts a 10-12 oz cup on the bathroom vanity for my me while I'm in the shower - that is my 'get ready for work' cup.  I then fill my car cup (16 oz) and put that in my backpack.  On the drive to work, I stop at the local Starbucks and get a large (20 oz).  I typcially finish the Starbucks coffe in an hour or so and then start on the car cup that was in my backpack.  The car cup is insulated well enough that I can actually sip on that for another 2-3 hours.

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