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Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

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Smaller than my old one! ;_; Me gud at speekings wurds and santensis!

... now I kinda want a little living room for my cat in my closet. >_<
Also, I've seen a cool petbed, which looked like a little couch - and you could even unfold it, to make it.. well, a bed. You know, for when the cat has a guest over or something, kinda like my own couch.

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me typo everything
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Rhonda's thoughtful thought of the day: If you love someone, set them free.  You will know your love is true if they don't press charges.

Okay, I abadoned my Lindenhome now, and opend up a ticket for the abandond land I want to own. Here's fingers crossed I did everything right. Can't wait! Woho! 

Happy Wednesday folks! Four years ago today I brought this little guy home and snapped this pic. More current ones with his brother.

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Happy Day after Independence Day......someone pass me the Tylenol!  OK Hippie cute photo but you got to check out Sebastian from the movie Game Night!

image.png.9cc65104c00dc33b48c224de54ff9704.png   This west highland white terrier steals all of the scenes he is in:D    If you get a chance to watch it I promise you will fall in love with Sebastian.


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The week started of fantastic.

I broke my shutters. The roller shutter belt snapped, right where it's attached to the actual shutters, so whoever's gonna repair that needs to open the casing, wich is under the tapestry.
Like I wasn't stressed enough.

I really need a cake now.

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28 minutes ago, Dillon Levenque said:

This might not fit the expectations of someone asking for cake, but it is by far my favorite variety. I don't think there's a better use for a cast iron skillet.


Voila—pineapple upside-down cake. Happy Monday.



Upside Down.jpg

Delicious :) One of my favorites good morning everyone. 

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