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Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

Hippie Bowman

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Hey Hey Hey!  Good morning all!  Happy Thursday!  I work Friday. Then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Thanksgiving here in the states on Thursday next.  Then LadySue and I are off on a cruise to the Caribbean on the Cruise Ship Paradise, out of Tampa Florida!  I Can't Wait!!!  Have a great day all!



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Good morning, Clover. Enjoy your time with mom and sis. Make sure the turkey is put away before falling asleep after Thanksgiving dinner. You don't want the dog horking up bits of the carcass after overeating off the unsupervised table.

Happy Thursday, Kids!!!

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Good morning all.  I'm off starting tomorrow and not back to work until Wed, the 29th.  As for upcoming plans, we fly to Florida Sat morning, drive down to Key West and stay for a few days.  Then on Wed, we'll drive up to the northern Orlando suburbs to spend a long Thanksgiving weekend with my daughter, her husband, and my son.  


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15 minutes ago, Hippie Bowman said:

I recently downloaded a free sound recorder. I recorded one of the songs I do live. Wild Night by Van Morrison.


Everybody feel free to give me likes for not uploading a recording of me singing along with you.

Gotta run, my microphone is on fire.

Happy Saturday, Kids!!!

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