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Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

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Rhonda's thoughtful thought of the day: If you love someone, set them free.  You will know your love is true if they don't press charges.

Happy Wednesday folks! Four years ago today I brought this little guy home and snapped this pic. More current ones with his brother.

Okay, I abadoned my Lindenhome now, and opend up a ticket for the abandond land I want to own. Here's fingers crossed I did everything right. Can't wait! Woho! 

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15 hours ago, Hippie Bowman said:

Yay! It's Friday! Got coffee!?







6 hours ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

No way in hell!...


Happy Friday, Kids!!!

Enjoy your brew Maddy!  Hugs!  If it is good enough for Snoopy, it HAS to be good!




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I thought I would share this with you my friends!  

This is a short flight over the Aripeka wetlands, along the long stretch of road just north of Aripeka on the west coast of Florida. Phantom 3 advanced Video. This is the first real flight away from my home after drone coming back from repair of 8 second lag.


Aircraft is behaving properly with no lag! I am pleased! 




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