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Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

Hippie Bowman

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Hippie Bowman wrote:

Madelaine McMasters wrote:

valerie Inshan wrote:

Good morning Hippie! Yay, it's a bright and sunny Thursday, woot, getting ready for the weekend! Hugs and love ya!


This frustrates me, Val. I can't blow raspberries on a fuzzy tummy!

Good morning, Kids!!!


Hippie grabs his portable shaver and shaves a nice area on Val's tummy.  Will that do Maddy?



... puckers up and dives in. Thank you so much, that'll do, Hippie!

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valerie Inshan wrote:

WTF??? Who gave you permission?!!! That is a violation of my intimacy! *sighs and grumbles* I hate to show my nudity in public.


But nothing can stop me from loving you guys. Big hugs and meows!!!

Plplplplplplplplpl!!! (she says, spitting out a few tummy hairs while laughing).

We're not crazy about you showing your nudity in public either, Val. But we love you just the same.



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valerie Inshan wrote:

LOL Maddy! I have to say that finding this picture on Google made me laugh for 10 good minutes, and still laughing looking at it right now! I think I won't delete this one from my photo album!

Yep, I imagined your delight over finding that pic. It really is a keeper.

I hope that poor kitty got lots of TLC after the ordeal.

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