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Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

Hippie Bowman

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valerie Inshan wrote:

Hippie Bowman wrote:

Good morning all!  Happy hump day! (need one of those dogs)  Have a great day!



Good morning Hippie! Yeah, go get one of those and come back to post a pic!
Hugs and love to all!

Morning Val!  I will have to get one when I get home from work!  HEHE




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Hiya Hippie! Have a great Friday, weekend is here at last! Weeeeeee! If you have 5 minutes, have a look at photographer Jill Greenberg's work, her animals shots are just amazing. I have a book of bear portraits by her, it is awesome!

Have a great weekend, hugs and love you all! :heart:





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Hippie Bowman wrote:

Good morning Val!  Wow thoses pictures are fantastic!  Have a great weekend Val! 


I agree, Hippie. Val, those are fantastic shots.

Here's the fine work of Seth Casteel...


And here's a teaser from Seth's site...

Underwater Dog.jpg

Happy Friday, Kids!!!

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