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Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

Hippie Bowman

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I have not forgotten about the fireside gathering...  I am just real life busy with projects for another couple weeks.  When I return, I will bring a cord of wood, some hot chocolate and a few campfire stories to tell.  Love you all! 

For now, I just want to sleep a bit longer...  *curls up in a sleeping bag and goes back to bed*


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Good morning val!  Glad it is warming.  Come on Spring!  Oh!  Valentines Day is tomorrow.  Here is a Poem I wrote for Ladysue about 1 year ago!  Add yours too if you have any!  Hugs Val, and all!


With AO on, I walk behind your washed up footsteps. In a land of no lag, with every step I make trying to turn back time Beautiful particles streaming all around but now the sand has it captive. I start a private chat with you and cry out, I miss you, I need you, I want you. This sandy surrealistic and fully textured  beach holds our life, our love, our being. The Second Life wind blowing gently around your lovely Avatar stirs a passion in me like no other can achieve. I sit waiting for you on my pose ball. I still hear you, I still feel you. The multi colored and animated waves wash my tears. You IM me, sweetly texting me.  "Is everything ok?" I set my graphics to ultra and cam out over the waves Far down the sculpti filled shore I see your footsteps in the sand. And down the crimson animated shore I see you standing, swaying to some unknown animation. I cry out to you! "Let me animate your avatar!.  Sit on my pose and let me hold ya close." I'm no longer scared, I'm no longer alone I feel you.  You feel me too. In my heart, my mind, and my spirit I feel you, I feel you, I love you.
LOL.  Okay!  Come on all of you poets!  Show us what you got!!
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There are somes names each time I see

My heart goes "boom" and feels happy.

Each time they post I just go Weeeeeeee!

At the mere mention of Hippie,

Just reading the sweet words from Dee,

Lia's kindness and Cat's kitties,

Or hearing IM's calls from Maddy,

Make me know why I'm here, you see. :smileyhappy::heart:



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