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We Need Models! [Haute Show Productions] Fashion Show Production Company Hiring Managers & Models!

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Haute Show Productions is a premiere fashion show production studio featuring the latest fashions by SL designers. Our large venue allows for fun and exciting fashion shows and events.

We need YOU to help run these smoothly!

We are currently hiring for the following positions:
-On-Call Models

Every model we hire will be on-call. This means I will give you times during the week we may more more likely to host a show. When a show is set, we will notify our models. The first 5-10 models to respond will be scheduled to walk that show. Models get paid L$50 per show and get to keep the designs they wore down the catwalk.

Managers are in charge of operations while the owner is offline. Their duties include: Contacting designers and setting dates for shows, helping to ensure shows run smoothly, and communicating with owner about daily operations. Managers get paid a salary of L$200 a week and L$ 100 per show.

Haute Show Productions aims to be a fun and exciting work environment while also maintaining professionalism. Please keep your play away from your work, unless it involves fashion!

Please keep in mind this is a MODERATE sim. No adult behaviors allowed on the job or while inside the building.


Models are required to do at least 1-2 outfit changes during the show. Please know how to keep your inventory organized in a way to make this fast and efficient.

There will be a casting call for each set of models who apply.

NOTE: We may outsource to modeling agencies as well as hire our own models.


To apply, visit http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20York%20NYC/151/160/21/?title=Haute%20Show%20Productions&msg=Haute%20Show%20Productions%20is%20a%20premiere%20fashion%20show%20production%20studio%20featuring%20the%20latest%20fashions%20by%20SL%20designers.%20Our%20large%20venue%20allows%20for%20fun%20and%20exciting%20fashion%20shows%20and%20events.%20  and click on the Now Hiring ad inside the venue for the notecard. 

If you have any questions, IM me or send me a Notecard in game.

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We are having a GRAND OPENING PARTY very soon and need models right away!

Paid only in tips for this gig since it's free for all designers!

However it'll be a great opportunity to test your talent and hey, you may get free clothes out of it as well as lots of fun

Note: If you are a modeling agency willing to be an affiliate with Haute Show Productions, please contact Ashen (lolashwrites) in game.

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