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Looking for a Gargoyle Complete Avatar of Quality

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I'm a little particular about my characters when I create them for Roleplay. I take pain-staking care in every aspect of how they look. I have unfortunately been out of luck thus far for a "Gargoyle" avatar either on the Marketplace thus far or in-world. There was only one shop on the marketplace and it definitely wasn't what I was looking for. In a pinch, maybe. I have also already searched Grendel's Children and I didn't find quite what I was looking for there either. Does anyone know if there is a creator in-world or otherwise who actually -made- or has any kind of complete "Gargoyle" type avatars in their store that are reminicent of the old Disney animated television series, "Gargoyles". I loved the show when I was younger and always thought it would be great fun to roleplay as one.

If anyone has any landmarks/suggestions they can tell me about or share with me in-world or on the marketplace, I'd really appreciate it.

As it stands right now I'm getting the distinct impression I may just have to "piece-meal" my Gargoyle avatar together at best in order to make something definitely "quality" and similar to something you might see in the "Gargoyles" universe. That's why I'm asking here. Thank you.

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If folks could even give me any ideas of where I might visit to shop for "pieces" to create a convincing Gargoyle type avatar that would also be appreciated and helpful. I'm not holding my breath for finding a complete avatar of a Gargoyle.

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 not sure what the rules are about linking to merchants on here - so i wont. just incase LL has throw their toys out the pram over it.

i do know of someone who creates custom mesh avatars but its US$300 - US$500.

as for peicing together...

search marketplace for 

"Sinful Needs" their wings are good.

"AnjoDaVinganca Ishtari" he does a lot of dark avatars most with very good reviews. though some are expencive for using just one or two bits.

"5ifth~AO ~Varkolacian 01 "LYCAN"- Animation Overrider" not seen in world and has a few very poor reviews. 

"Kronos Designs Creature AO" seen this inworld. the walk is pretty good, but the run is not. can swap the run out with another. "oracul" do some good and very well priced AOs and animations for finding a nice hover/run/ jump etc.

as for clothing, hate to say this, but "gorean" may be the way to go. lots of loin cloth and leather strappy things. 

hair i would probably go for "wasabi pills" or "EMO-tions". they do very good hair for RP purposes. some very unusual and interesting things.

for skins there is "fallen gods inc". but personally never like them. seem over priced also to me. can also try "Naergilien Wunderlich" on marketplace. sadly his inworld store closed. but he has some good skins.

not going to get very close though as for whatever reason it is difficult to find this type of avatar. only other thing to search for a "grotesque" also. as they are not really gargoyls. a gargoyl is very different to a grotesque. 

maybe there is a sculptie (not mesh) statue somewhere which can be used for parts and attach to your avatar or similar. so would want each part, like leg, foot, bicep, forearm etc to be a seperate object. might be another way of looking for parts. 

failing that, get some sculptie armour for the chiseled look and apply a stone texture and use a stone texture as a skin and find a good head somewhere..... maybe.

not sure how well all of the above ideas will go... but its a start :)

hope that helps!

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Thank you for the suggestions Darmid. That at least gives me a fairly good place to start from. I had a feeling some of the Gor stuff would work best for my Gargoyle already. Glad I'm not the only one who thought so. I already have landmarks for Wasabi and EMO-tions. I also think Calico has some decent hairstyles (some of which I have already) that may work well for my Gargoyle too. I haven't fully conceptualized her in my head just yet. I figure if I have some of the pieces, I can play around like a painter with a canvas and develop the idea further. Granted it can/could get a bit expensive depending on how you do things, but I'm planning on playing it smart.

Also, I think Fallen Gods is a bit expensive too, but I do like some of their skins and have been considering making some more recent purchases there. I don't know about a Gargoyle type skin - still thinking about that.

I've never seen a "Grotesque" either but I appreciate the search tip. I may find more of what I'm looking for with that tip.

Thank you again! :D

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