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Transforming my 1ST SL Mesh Art to RL Bronze Castings

Toysoldier Thor
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For the past few months I have done a lot of research and even experimentation on how to feasibly accomplish a personal SL artistic goal to transform the SecondLife 3D Mesh Art Sculptures I exhibit and sell inworld to actual real life fine art bronze sculptures to offer my art customers.

This week I feel confident enough to pull the trigger on my plan to make this happen.  I formally announced my plan and offering to a limited number of interested individuals to order a limited edition bronze casting run of my SHATTERED artwork.

Shattered-Polished Painted-674x501.jpg

I have already 3D printed a prototype of this mesh art sculpture to evaluate the model.  It looks GOOD TO GO! This was a lower resolution plastic model that i smoothed and spray painted to get a rough feel and there were no flaws on this model to be concerned about.

But I wanted a true metal / bronze sculpture.  There are 3D printing services - like Shapeways that i actually uploaded this model to.  They allow a model to be printed in a couple dozen materials from plastic to platinum, but the cost per print was too high and I felt its not the same as a true casting of a sculpture.  

So looked further and found what I believe is an affordable metal casting solution with a foundry that actually can receive 3D STL models and transform them to bronze and stainless steel castings.  After intense research, reference checking, and asking lot of technical and financial logistics questions, I feel confident to proceed with what I believe might be a SecondLife first.

I will have my offering open until end of February or until I get 20 participants.  Then execute the order.  I already have TWO including Ebbe Altberg participating in this exciting SL Art Journey.  I am excited at the thought of seeing my SL Mesh art become Real Life statue art.


Details of my Casting Opportunity:


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Sorry to informy you but you are not first to go from SL art to real life item!

Quote from New world notes blog

"Former Second Life designer Violaine Villota's designs were recently donned by models in a Victoria's Secret fashion show"


"Her work wasn't in the form of bras, corsets, or anything you might pick up yourself from the acclaimed undergarment brand, though. Violaine's contribution was a little more ephemeral. She makes wings -- the gorgeous, glittering fairy wings worn by several models in the show, to be specific."


Cant post links but you can google it!

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So Villota's original SecondLife mesh art sculptures were transformed into Bronze statue art sculptures?

I didn't state that I would be the first to transform SL content to RL content... I am sure several have in countless forms.  In fact my SL 2D wall art and SL photo art has been transformed and I sell in my RL as Canvas and watercolor art for over two years now and even have been exhibited.  I know many other artists in SL that have as well.

But I will check if Villota has created SL mesh sculpture art and transformed/sells it at bronzed art sculptures in RL.  If so, then I am not the first.  I did say "possibly" since I dont know all that is going on in SL... its just that I have been involved in the SL art community for some time and I have not yet heard anyone of my fellow artists that have done this.

Thanks for the lead to investigate.

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Well idk about bronze statues but SL statues transfered to RL statues i know its been done ages ago,way back in sculpty days! Its all 3d models easy transferable to  rl statue form! Nothing new! Your choice of material is only new thing! Not trying to undermine your efforts tho,art is art no matter in wich form it is!

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I would appreciate if you know of anyone in SecondLife that has created a 3D mesh art sculpture and transformed it into a Bronze poured casting process (not 3D printing of a model - regardless of the material like bronze powder), please point me to this individual.

Yes i am fully aware that all 3D mesh objects existing in SecondLife come from an actual digital 3D model and therefore can and likely have been 3D printed in what ever 3D printed material available.  I am NOT talking about that.

Again... please point out any other SL Mesh Artist that has transformed their SL Art Sculpture into an ACTUAL BRONZE CAST Statue / Sculpture.  I would be appreciative if you do know of this Artist and their work similar accomplishment.


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