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New to SL but not to RP, seeking others

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 I searched and searched for interesting RP areas, but when I get there they're basicly empty. So, now I'm trying this.

I am a serious role player who has expeirience with play by email, play be forum, and the NOVA system used for a lot of Star Trek SIMS.

Stuff I like:

 Fantasy, Sci-fi, dystopian themes, Star Trek, Furry, Steam punk, and a certain mad man in a blue box who it will not let me name for some reason. .  I like RP were the tone is more serious vs lighthaerted.


Sex stuff:

I'm still new to SL and have yet to really explore that area. I'm willing to if I like your avatar and we can be in character. I'm interested in BDSM and can go very dark. Other than that I like the same sort of themes for adult as I listed earlier.



So, in real life I'm female (as is my avatar).I'm 31 and intelegent with a great imagination. Thats probably all you need to know.

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