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Ryan Veloce

The Town of Barnstable - Land, Apartments and Stores for Rent

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Come visit the developed estate of Barnstable! A full-service region developed to satisfy your residential and commercial needs! Two beautiful beaches with resident clubhouse. Luxury apartment tower has auditorium, pool and spa for tower residents only. In celebration of the opening of Barnstable, those who mention "SL Forums" will get 3 free days added to any rental that they initiate. Stop by today! See Ryan Veloce for assistance or to claim your 3 days.



Tier payments are accepted via Linden, PayPal and Credit Card. Please just tap the rental meter for your associated land and select "Pay" if you should wish to use one of those alternate methods. Your meter will be updated/reflected immediately.


15 Seashore Drive (Unfurnished Home)

  L$950/week for 500 prims.


10 Havana Court (Beachfront Residential Parcel)

  L$1450/week for 790 prims.


327 Ocean Drive (Residential or Commercial Parcel)

  L$1450/week for 829 prims.


324 Ocean Drive (Resident's Clubhouse)


296 Ocean Drive (Beachfront Residential Parcel)

  L$3800/week for 2127 prims.


299 Ocean Drive (Residential Parcel)

  L$1250/week for 711 prims.


226 Ocean Drive (Beachfront Fully Furnished Home)

  L$2850/week for 300 additional "personal furnishing" prims.


225 Ocean Drive (Residential Parcel)

  L$1250/week for 711 prims.


73 Hortense Lane (Commercial Shop)

  L$550/week for 200 prims.


63 Hortense Lane (Corner Commercial Shop)

  L$775/week for 300 prims.


51 Hortense Lane (Commercial Shop)

  L$440/week for 150 prims.


115 Bristol Road (Apartment Tower)

  L$275/week for 175 prims.


Gorla Shoppe Apartments

  L$250/week for 150 prims.



Additional photos:

GS Apartments_002.jpg

GS Apartments_003.jpg

GS Apartments_004.jpg

GS Apartments_005.jpg

GS Apartments_009.jpg

GS Apartments_001.jpg

GS Apartments_006.jpg

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