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N1CH013 Avon

Looking for work

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My Name is Rosa (Or rosabelle)

I am a 20 year old female, Currently Unemployed. I'm Looking for a job, I can do almost anything and do not restrict myself.
I Currently Do not have a job, But this may change at any moment, for I am searching.
I Do not work Sundays, unless it is very important. My Times for weekdays are 2PM-8PM and on Saturdays, 2PM- 10Pm

I am in SLT+3 (Eastern time) or UTC GMT + 5

Heres a quick overview of things, (Dont have to read, can skip to the purple Part)

→Freelance Dancer
→Builders assistant
→Wedding Planer

For photography I charge up to 1000L, and minimum is 50L. Everything is counted, however I do promise A makeup photo for half price if you aren't satisfied.

I Am an instore and a fashion model. Just ask. I can work off tips, or merch pay or L.

Hostess, I will work for no less than 80% tips.

Freelance dancer, Mostly for fill ins and openings. WILL NOT ESCORT

Decorator, I can decorate to fit any occasion or theme, on any budget, just ask! I Do require a 150L Fee

Builders assistant, I can help with orders, ads, among other things. Can be paid weekly or monthly.

Security, I can monitor chats aswell as stores and clubs, I will not work for less than 2 hours a day or more than 6 hours. I have Huds and require at least 100L for a shift.

Wedding planner, I can find you a dress, venu, and theme aswell as DJ for ANY wedding.

I Can be an assistant for almost anything, I do not limit myself.

(Not trying to advertise, just make it known)

Feel Free to Contact me for more information, VIA NOTECARD INWORLD at

n1ch013 Avon


Roseabelle1 Resident

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The Mill Restaurant is an intereactive Roleplay experience.


Looking for residents who can navigate SL easily and are interested in being part of providing a genuine and realistic dining experience for others.

Tasks would include going through the stages of serving a table as a waitress/waitor and reporting to management any issues or suggestions to better enhance the services offered.


Please use the SLURL above to visit and contact Vernice Burks in world with any questions or if you are interested in an application.

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