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Mesh mermaid tails?

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I've randomly become struck by the notion that I simply must put together a nice mermaid avatar. This notion has persisted for over a week now which tells me that I should probably heed it before it decides to start using rougher negotiating tactics.


Unfortunately for me, I've never really kept up with fantasy trends and all of that sort of thing. I have, on the other hand, turned to the good Dr. Google for advice and have only managed to turn up results that are a little too outdated to take as gospel just yet (the most recent discussion was just shy of being two years old.)


So here I am, hoping that those who keep abreast of fashiony-type information might have some recommendations for me. Before anything else, I am hoping to start with the tail. This seems like something that I would start with as a foundation for the rest of the look.


I would like it to be a mesh tail and I'm not really concerned about costs. If the quality is good and its appearance pleasing to me, I'll gladly throw all sorts of money into the project to get this done with.


So... do any of you fashionistas have a recommendation for me? A store to check out, a creator to talk to, a magical genie lamp to rub?

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First thing you should do is head over to the Union Passage sim. That's where Safe Waters Foundation has their HQ and that's where Aley made her wonderful mer mall.

No, wait, first thing you do is go to the freebie store at London City - Soho and pick up the freebie outfit there. It's just a simple costume but it isn't too bad, is easy to fit (unlike many more advanced mer outfits) and comes with the Malaika AO. Once you've got that on, you're officially a mermaid and you should swim over to Union Passage to join the community and get some help and advice and perhaps a dance.

Mer tails come in different variants, all with their pros and cons, there are basic system clothing plus attachments, there are mesh tails and there are flexi tails.

Some mers swear by mesh tails, some by flexi tails and we all swear at them both.


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Part of having a good tail is having a good AO to go with it. Oracul sells one for 200l$ which combined with one of the swim huds that maintain your height under water, like this one, is a very good start.

I have a moonlit sea tail, but I can't recommend it above others I haven't tried. It is mostly a matter of taste and what you want to look like that will determine which you want.

Best of luck with it, it can be great fun as a group following boats around Fanci's deep trying to get their attention and mermaiding at them hehe

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Hello Alisa!


I'm glad your interested in becoming part of the Merfolk family!


Some great tails to buy are listed below along with link and price!


"MC Moonlit Sea Tail Fatpack FEMALE" 500L$



Easily change tail colors with an all new original Mer-chandise Cove HUD!


Available in all 5 standard clothing sizes!


Not only does this tail combine the realistic beauty of rigged mesh with the flow of a flexi fin, but it is complete with normal and specular mapping to give an iridescent shine to each of your lovely scales for an unparalleled 3D appearance! This is simply a must have for anyone seeking a realistic mer look in SL! Try the demo to see for yourself!


Keep in mind that the tail itself is MOD/COPY so if you don't see the exact color you want in the HUD, you can always tint it to the exact color of your choosing :)


*MAKE SURE you have the newest version of SL or Firestorm viewer and Advanced Light Modeling on to be able to see this effect*


To Enable settings:

Preferences>Graphics> Check the Advanced Light Modeling box.


This tail is a perfect item, I have bought it for my female and male avatar and its beautiful!


Now for AO's you can simply type in "Mermaid AO" and it will appear up for about 200L$ or even free depending on the quality you seek!


Have a lovely day!

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Tala Alisa :)

First, i would totally agree with the suggestion of going to the Safe Waters Foundation headquarters at Union Passage. Join the group and you will have access to some of the best mertail designers in SL. That place will be your number one merlife resource.

TSL (The Siren's Lair) has a very nice freebie tail (the sardine), that is mesh and also materials enabled for an awesome texture. It is also mod so you can tint it any color that you like. You can also contact JJ Yowahoshi inworld, or check out her shop in the MP..


She made me a custom mesh mertail for 400L, and it looks wonderful :)

You also WILL need a good mer AO. The best IMO is the " Dance with the Waves"  mer ao by Kami-hitoe. It is pricey, but worth it. You can also find a good mer ao at SOS (Sera's Oceanic Supply). She also has some really nice mer dances. You can find an adboard to her shop at Union Passage.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2279 days.

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