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REDZONE IS DYING? Merchants Running RZ - Remove or else (from LL)

Toysoldier Thor

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Yes Redzone is gone, bots are again a problem, and griefers are singing joyfully that they won. Great.

Now linden labs can stop shoutcast streams, since the servers log ip addresses (voilation of tos). and stop http browsing from prims, since websites log ip addresses.

in the meantime, LL since they took a tool that alot of used to stop griefers and bots, should and could release an update to the clients and servers that links alts to the MAC address and allow for banning of mac addresses. so things would work how they should of been working all along. THE Ability to Ban a griefer without knowing his ip or address, except where it is revealed and logged by LL themselves.

Otherwise, LL is just showing they support griefers and bots (be they copybots, or bots)

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Website, music streams, etc. have logged IP Addresses from day one. That's never been the issue.

What broke trust, what violated the TOS was the way those details were USED!

I own a very nice and very functional sword. It is beautifully crafted, dangerously sharp and harkens back to the age of Knights of the Round Table. But possessing it no more makes me a Knight than logging an IP Address makes a website unstrustworthy.

What RZ did, what the creator of RZ did, was use that information to violate the privacy and trust of everyone around. Even worse, he had the audacity to claim his method was fool-proof and above reproach. Yet any 1st Grade griefer knew how to avoid it on day two, and the only people it hurt were innocents with not the slightest intention of wrong-doing or harm in their use of Second Life.

If you felt his tool kept you safe .. I've got a carved wooden alien that you can put on top of your monitor. I promise you it will be JUST as effective, and I'll sell it to you for half what he charged.

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Ok, I grant that alot knew how to bypass redzone soon after it was out.  It did work nicely to keep bots clear of the land, and it helped to keep people out that you banned. true it looked at the ip or the router, not the mac address and so caught others it shouldn't of.

I would love it if LL would handle what redzone tried to do, server side. and do it by the mac address. it would be nice to ban someone who just won't take "leave us alone" and know the next 10 or 20 alts they make would be banned automatically, and correctly.

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Redzone was not the only system in Second Life.
The topic is still current and there are still defamed Residents.

But there is another possibility to consider these stalkers away the ground under their feet and thus remove any financial basis for the continued existence of such sh!tty tools.

Every designer, creator and seller of what holds up and is familiar with this matter, and thinks not only with the account balance can easily boycott any club and / or mall, in such a system is used.
Just do not rent a shop in such locations.
There are plenty of other venues that are not controlled by paranoid stalkers.
I personally handle the already long time.
For what good is a shop in a location where potential customers are scared away?
For that I will then pay rent?
Am I crazy?
I finance this sh!t not!

Sorry for may bad english, its google.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3849 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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