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Can we have sections for mainland, private estate, and homestead pls?

Ishtar Roussel
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I'm loving the new forums, but the land for sale section is going to become one mixed up bunch of ads for mainland, private estate land, homesteads all mixed in together. Very hard for people to find the type of land they are looking for, especially for newer people who don't know there are different types.

Would it be possible to have sub sections in ths Buy and Sell Land section so that ads can be grouped by type? something like the following, or whatever would work:

Mainland Parcels

Private Estate Parcels

Homestead Parcels

Mainland Full Sims

Private Estate Full Sims

Homestead Full Sims


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Yes I posted this in the feeback forum too, but it is one very long thread and might get missed, the more people post asking for it the more likely it will be seen. There is a community tools office hour today if anyone can go and mention it there:

Community Tools User Group

WhenThu, March 3, 1pm – 2pm

WhereDoc Dock in Beaumont - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beaumont/25/165/34 (map)

DescriptionDiscuss community tools with Rand, Lexie, and Amanda Linden.

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Thank you Lindens for listening to this request. Now that you have added extra land categories I must ask to reconsider the separate categories for "Land for Rent Private Estate" and "Land for Sale Private Estate" as these are one and the same if you are not selling the entire sim.


Kind regards,


Ofelia Laval

OT Rentals

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Pauline Darkfury wrote:

Yes, makes no sense to me to have 2x parcel categories for estates and no parcel rental category for mainland.  Merge the 2 estate parcel categories, kill one of them, add a mainland rentals category, and then it would reflect (virtual) reality.

Thanks for pointing it out! I will pass this on to the team for updates. 


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