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How to make Animations.


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I made the video series which explains how to make animations for Second Life.
When you finish watching this series, you may be able to make animation simply.
Please watch, if you get interested.
Incidentally, in these series, I am using the freewares which are not explained until now.
So, it may be stimulative even if those who are not interested in making animation watch.
By the way, I will think that I am sorry, if you cannot understand the contents, because my English has broken.
I am glad if this video series is a help to making your animation.:matte-motes-wink:

Part 1.
00:14 Download "LiveAnimation."
00:45 Sets up my Avatar.
02:10 Sets up my initial environment.
04:00 Basic usage of LiveAnimation.

Part 2.
00:14 Modification of coordinate system of hand and foot.
02:43 Rotation method of hand and foot.
04:53 The order of application of the axis of rotation.
05:46 Space which can be used for Second Life.
07:59 The set of a key.
14:07 FAQ

Part 3.
00:14 MotionMirror.
00:42 MotionTrim.
01:33 OffsetKeying.
03:42 ApplyMotionOffset.
04:40 FCurveEditor.

Part 4.
00:14 ActionMixer.
10:45 RealtimeMouseMotionCapture.
14:02 BVH Export.

Part 5.
00:14 Crazy dance motion making by mouse motion capture.
08:17 Crazy dance in Second Life.

Part 6.
00:14 Kinect motion capture.
08:18 Download "MikuMikuCapture."
09:00 MikuMikuCapture Setup and Usage.

If you have a Kinect sensor.:smileywink:

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Thank you for the information.

We are also making Animation HUD for machinimas.
It is divided into the edit HUD and the player HUD.
The edit HUD arranges a file in the time line like DTV software. It is not troublesome because no note card is used.
The player HUD is doing play processing only with one script at the time of playback.
Please watch

, if interested.:matte-motes-wink:


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i found your tutorials by accident, i really like your tutorial and thank you for creating it!

 i am having a problum with exporting my animation to sl. i followed your tutorial and it looked great! but when i used bvhacker and then uploaded it to sl, the animation did not work smoothly anymore :(

i wish i knew how to get the great smooth animation i created in liveanimation to look the same when i upload it to sl.

but thank you Sloverdrive for helping usto use a program we would not have been able to use because it is in a different language. :) your tutorial helped me alot

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I'm glad my tutorial is your helpful:smileyhappy:

First, please check that FPS setting of LiveAnimation is 60.
Next, please check whether the motion has changed into 15FPS by bvhacker.
As a result, a quick motion of 16-60FPS disappears.
Furthermore, that motion is optimized when uploading to SL.
Please refer to this site for details.

Now, that is the right result if a motion by SL is almost the same as the motion set to 15FPS by bvhacker.
However, optimization may be the cause if those motions differ greatly.
Anyway, I recommend investigating using some other motions.
In addition, please check the video of Export once again.

As a result, if it does not solve, please question me here again.
Or please upload that project file of LiveAnimation to somewhere.

Good luck:smileywink:

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SloverDrive, thank you again!!

your information helped me  to export my animation closer to what it looked like in liveanimation.

Can i ask you one more question? :

 how can you import a second life avatar into LiveAnimation?

i really want to use a sl avatar because it would make it easer to make the animation for the sl body measurements

i hope you can help me, and have a good day


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I'm sorry for not replying to your question for one year.:smileysad:
Because I made the video which can reply to your question, please refer to it.
In order to make other persons notice video, it was made into a new article.
Good luck.:smileywink:



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2002 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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