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Jean Horten

So all criticism of Viewer 2 is gone with the new system?

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I've got to stick with Ascent. It's frustrating for me that I lose the ability to wear multiple tattoo layers, since that really allows me to refine my look and be unlimited with my clothing choices, but I have no other option at this point.

Most of it I supposed was the horrible line quality of TimeWarner Cable, which I routinely get reports for from pingtest.net showing 60% or higher packet loss and lousy ping times. I am at a stage where Kirstens, Firestorm, Dolphin, and the official SL 2.4 viewers are completely unusable, with the fail level in order from least pathetic to most.

I don't understand what it is that causes any viewer based on v2 code to completely remove my ability to escape cloud form for no less than 10 minutes, to move at a snail's pace and to more or less completely fail to tp me anywhere without a logout - even to a nearly empty sandbox. Yes most will blame this on packet loss (I manually cleared all caches several times) but with Ascent I am able to run everything at max and have no difficulties. Furthermore, unless I'm reading the readout improperly, Ascent reported no lost packets while at Ethereal Teal last night for over an hour, while minutes before trying it I failed to rez with all of the aforementioned viewers. No matter where the bandwidth, graphics, and view distance sliders were. Even on rock bottom low, I still did not rez in SL 2.4 for the 15 minutes I waited until rage quit.

I sure hope the Ascent team is working on adding in v2 style multiple attachment per point features, that allow for using more than one tattoo layer item at a time at least, if not multiple attach capability for the clothing layers as well. That's really all I ask in the update. That one thing. :womansad:

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