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Model Poses

Lexie Linden

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Steps to making a modeling pose...or any pose.

1. Get an animation program like Qavimator or Avimator. Google for their homepage and download.

2. Install animation program and start it up.

3. Set frames to 2.

4. Go to frame number 2. Don't touch frame 1.

5. Click on individual limbs or body parts and move the sliders to the right to twist, turn or rotate the limb.

6. Keep moving each body part until you get the pose you want.

7. Save the pose to a .bvh file.

8. Go to Second Life and choose file->upload->animation.

9. In the upload preview window, you can change several settings. For poses I'd use priority 4. Check the 'Loop' box and set the hand pose and face expression. You can leave the other settings at their default.

10. Click the upload button and voila! The animation is in your animation folder. It costs 10L per upload!

11. You can either double click the pose to play it directly, put it in a poseball, a multi-animation device, or a gesture.

Hint: If you want to save money you can log in to the beta-grid and upload your test-poses there. I like to upload, test it, make adjustments in avimator, re-upload, test again, and so forth until the pose looks just right. You can then upload the final pose into the main grid.

Hint: When you are adjusting the limbs, move every single body part to lock it in place. You can move the body parts just a tiny bit.

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Another tip: if you are open to using 3rd party viewers, many of them allow you to preview anims on your avatar before you pay to upload them.

I've saved a lot of L$ in the past by using the beta grid, but sometimes using beta can be a hassle due to the db snapshot not being up to date. I pretty much always login with a TPV when I want to work on poses, now, to take advantage of the animation preview on my avatar.

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for oses yes you can us Qavimator and poser pro 8, DAZ3D 4, cinema 4D, blender too if you know how to us it (i dont like it lol)

ther are lot of programs who mad the animations or just poses (3ds max, maya, autodesck motion builder..) but is not the same BVH FILE that second life support

so you can us BVHACKER as an convertiseur of animation

the BVHACKER is not an hack tool dont whorry lol

how he work?!


the BVH FILES is not same just in the names of the avatar mesh body like hand top low........

avry programe save or name them as they know and here the BVHACKER ideally suited for final preparation of bvh files for upload to Second Life.
bvhacker is great for viewing, analysing, converting, fault finding and preparing of bvh files.
bvhacker is not for creating animations from scratch. bvhacker is for working on existing animation data.


mmm yes FBX convert too i have it but i havent try it yet lol


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3651 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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