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Lexie Linden

Creating hug animations

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To create an interactive hug, kiss, slap, or whatever, you will need to use what is commonly called a hug script. This script is readily available at many freebie script places. The script, itself, will pull 2 people together into a common range to execute the animations.

Hug type of animations should generally be uploaded as priority 4, and should be at least 5 seconds long, preferably longer. Most of the time, depending on who created the hug script, the animator will need to offset the animations for each avatar to be close enough to each other. The positioning of an avatar is controlled by the relationship of the Tframe and the positioning setting or hip translate, or body position. Sorry, but it seems almost every program names this part differently.

For those starting out and for those more experienced, qavimator allows you to have 2 models in a scene to fine tune the interaction. Do remember, that every person in SL is a unique size and shape, so you will either have to create for the most common sizes, or make an animation for every size and shape of an avatar. I have also seen script that move the position of the avatars to fit better, but 1 of the 2 people will either be floating above the ground, or their feet in the ground. Take your pick, lol. Maybe mesh will make this better, but it will always kinda be an issue.

Good luck!:smileyhappy:

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Yes, it has always been and, most likely, will always be an issue, the various height levels of individual Avatars.  The "priority" of a hug animation does not have to be 4 though.  Hug animations are usually triggered, versus continual running/looped animations typically found in AOs. Users can either put the animation into a poseball, or "wear" it, as it's most often found Inworld, as an attachment, scripted to activate when worn.  I'd suggest it run longer than 5 seconds as well.

Animators can create/upload different height variations, as opposed to just taking your pick.  Just adjust the "hip" joint height, typically no more than +5 / -5 (QAvimator) (Position Y)  Then you can offer to the public the different heights, as most now see anyway.

Enjoy All!

heatherr Noel



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